"It’s such a friendly Trust, I’ve worked here for 21 years!"
Julie Goward, Sister


"It’s such a friendly Trust, I’ve worked here for 21 years!"

Julie Goward, Sister

Our recruitment process

Our process is fairly straightforward and we have outlined each of the steps below.



We advertise available vacancies via this site. Occasionally due to operational needs we choose to only offer some vacancies to staff already employed with us.


We ask you to complete an application so that we can to get to know you better and learn about what you have to offer. We guarantee all Registered Nurses will be invited to attend an assessment centre. Other roles will go through shortlisting first.


You will receive your offer electronically, which will include any instructions for next steps.

Pre-Employment Checks

To meet legal requirements and ensure the safeguarding of our patients, all offers will be subject to clearance of the following: ID; Right to Work in the UK; Criminal Record; Health status; any required Professional Registration; Qualifications and work history.

Confirmation of Offer & Contract

Once all checks are cleared you will receive confirmation of our offer and your employment contract or letter of agreement (for bank staff).


As part of joining the team you will be required to complete some mandatory training before you start work, full details will be sent to you at this stage.

Orientation Day

This is our corporate induction and welcome day and happens every two weeks. You will be offered a start date that coincides with one of these dates.

Clinical Induction

This is a 5 day course that all new starters complete to get you ready to carry out your role. You will learn all about the equipment we use, our clinical processes and complete all your mandatory training.

Local Induction

You will have an induction in your own ward/department to help you settle into your new role.

Joining the bank

Join the Registered Nurse Bank at Sherwood Forest Hospitals

Why Should I join?

Our Bank offers you the flexibility of shifts to suit your busy life. Everything is done electronically now through Employee Online, so we have made it easy for you to tell us when you want to work and for you to book any shifts that you want to pick up.

Once you are on the Bank you are cleared to work anywhere within Sherwood Forest Hospitals and should you want to move to a permanent job, you won’t need to jump through any hoops as you will already be on the books!

What will I get Paid?

Our current rate of pay for Bank Registered Nurses is £17.74 per hour which is paid weekly directly into your bank account.

How do I join?

    1. Find out more about being Bank Staff here.
    2. Attend an Interview – Held regularly or apply for our next Assessment Centre.
    3. Be cleared to work – we will need to complete a few pre-employment checks before you can work but we will do these as fast we can.
    4. Attend Orientation Day – induction is important to help you fit into the team and get to know us. We may ask you to complete some additional training if you are not up to date with your mandatory and statutory requirements.
    5. Be given access to Employee Online – this part of our rostering system will enable you to view all aspects of your shifts. You will be sent joining details by the Temporary Staffing Office.
    6. Make your availability known to us via the Employee Online system.
    7. Book shifts to suit you and start working.

We look forward to you joining the team

Recruitment Events

We use Recruitment Events because they are a fair and accurate way of selecting staff.

We get to meet you over a longer period of time and have the chance to see what you can do in a variety of situations.

Our Recruitment Events use a number of techniques to enable you to demonstrate, under standardised conditions, the skills and abilities and values essential for the role for which you are applying.

At the Recruitment Event you will experience:

  • Information sessions which provide more details about Sherwood Forest Hospitals and what it is like to work at the Trust. If you are unclear about anything, ask questions. It is useful to prepare questions in advance.
  • Informal events where you meet a variety of people, including other candidates, the assessors, employees and senior managers. You get a chance to find out about us and to ask questions in a more casual setting. These events may appear informal but you should behave in a way that reflects well on you.
  • Tests and group exercises which are designed to reveal your potential. We will measure your abilities against a set of skills and each exercise is designed to assess one or more of these areas. Don’t worry if you think you have performed badly at any stage; you are likely to get a chance to demonstrate your skills again later on. Remember you are being assessed against these skill sets and not the other candidates.

How do I prepare?

  • Know the role you applied for: your invitation to attend includes the job description and personal specification. Familiarise yourself with these so you are clear about the key qualities we want.
  • Give us examples: prepare some examples that demonstrate the skills we require, either through work or in your personal life.
  • Re-read your original application: ensure you know what you’ve told us about yourself.
  • Keep informed: be aware of current issues relevant to the job or at the Trust by checking our website.

What should I do at the Recruitment Event?

  • Do not act: relax and be yourself.
  • Follow instructions: each task will have clear instructions and objectives. If there is anything you do not understand or are not sure of, ask the one of the assessors to explain.
  • Show your enthusiasm: tell us why you want to join Sherwood Forest Hospitals.
  • Be aware: assume you are being assessed at all times.
  • Join in: ask questions, take part in discussions – do not sit in a corner on your own.
  • Include others: don’t hog the conversation – show interest in the other candidates and what they have to say.
  • Plan your time: ensure you are aware of the time limit on any exercise and produce what was asked for in that time.
  • Don’t panic: if you feel you have made a mess of an exercise it does not mean you have failed. We are interested in your overall performance.
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